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Washer machine repair

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a washing machine



Is it cheaper to repai or replace a washing machine

So, let’s start with what options are available if your washing machine has failed you. Buy a cheap car, splurge on a “thoroughbred”, find a still strong second-hand technique, or simply repair the existing one.

Cheap washing machines

Cheap appliances, of course, will serve without failures for a short time. Usually the period of trouble-free operation of budget machines is 4-9 years with an average frequency of washing from 2 to 5 times a week and with the obligatory fulfillment of the conditions specified in the instruction. Right away I will make a reservation. No one knows exactly how long the appliances (whether cheap or expensive) manufactured and sold in 2019-2020 will last.

Judging by the emerging trend, the said term will decrease. Manufacturers are purposefully reducing the life of their washing machines. The buyer is entitled to get a low price for it, a free warranty period of at least 2 years, and a machine life of at least 7 years.

Expensive washing machines

Expensive machines attract owners of old shabby machines of the 2000s by their design and functions. However, as practice shows, the spontaneous purchase of such machines can conceal a lot of further trouble. Investing a lot of money in machinery, it is better to study thoroughly the features of the brand and the model. For example, do not ignore the fact that you looked at the model is equipped with a non-separable tank, as the procedure for replacing the bearings on it (as in the intensively used Electrolux and AEG can be required after 4 years) will be much more expensive than the model with a collapsible tank.

Most expensive machines are equipped with highly complex electronics, which sooner or later will break down and require repair. Models with drying and steam treatment functions, for all their versatility, can quite quickly require expensive maintenance or repairs. In general, I recommend to learn the opinion of experts about a particular model, to reflect on the reviews of real users to remain happy with your purchase for years to come.

Buying a used washing machine

Choosing a used washing machine at flea markets is like a game of chance. Someone tells me that he bought almost for nothing equipment with no problems, and someone got a headache for a lot of money. The search for a car takes a lot of time. After all, in ads for sale we often write that “the car – fire!”, but in fact sold almost scrap metal. The most practical option – to buy a second-hand machine from a trusted master with at least a six-month warranty – is not available to everyone.

The question arises: what washing machines have gone through fire, water and brass pipes, steadily overstepped the service life, or even exchanged the second ten years, without causing the owners any special problems. Below we will take a detailed walk through the most worthy of repair machines.

Is it worth it to repair the washing machine?

Repair! There are many factors that can be used to judge whether a washing machine should be repaired. Mark, model, country and time of assembly, the degree of wear of the main components, the intensity of operation, frequency and types of repair work over the entire period of use, etc. Most repairs (about 80%) of washing machines are reduced to replacing consumables, bearings and removing clogs, which is well worth the money invested and much more profitable than buying any new machine. Some machines like to say, “Give me a chance, I will serve faithfully yet!” The information on such “clever cars” is collected in the table below. Conclusions were made from my own experience, opinions of experts and users.

Of course, it is possible to give an exact assessment of the condition and repairability of the machine only after diagnostics. If you don’t find your machine in the table, it does not mean that there is no point in repairing it. Please contact us, we will give you a detailed consultation and diagnose your machine. To avoid repetition, the word “consumables” I combine the following parts: graphite motor brushes, door lock (UBL), door handle, heating element (TEN), drain or circulation pumps, tank shock absorbers, drive belt.

I hope the information stated will help you to orient better before repairing or buying a washing machine and to save financial resources.

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Washer machine repair

How to open washing machine for repair



How to open washing machine for repair

The washing machine has finished the washing cycle, you came as usual to take out the laundry, but the door turned out to be locked. What to do? After all, leaving the raw laundry to “sour” in the drum is not the best idea at all.

Sometimes users try to open the door as soon as the laundry is done. Especially if at this point they were nearby and saw that the timer showed “zero minutes”. Do not do this: any housewife thinks for another 2-3 minutes and only then unlocks the door. So if this is your case – just wait a little. If, however, after a while nothing happens, you have to open the hatch by force. We tell you how you can do it.

Method 1 – de-energize the machine

Unplug the washer-dryer and leave it for 10-30 minutes. After that, gently press the door near the lock and try to open the door again.

Please note: This method will help if the reason is a broken UBL. It has a thermoplate, which deforms under the influence of voltage, and thus the lock is locked. After disconnecting from the power supply the plate will not be energized, and it will return to its original position when it cools down. The lock will open.

Method 2 – emergency cable to open the hatch

Many modern washing machines are equipped with an emergency door opening cable. Its end is located in the hatch next to the drain filter. As a rule, it has a bright color – red, orange, lettuce, yellow. To forcibly unlock the door, you have to pull the cable.

Method 3 – wire, rope or bank card

Take a thin wire or rope and gently slide it behind the hatch in the area of the lock. The loose ends should be on the side opposite the lock. Pull the ends of the wire/rope sideways parallel to the hatch. The resulting loop will catch the “tongue” of the lock and the door will open.

The same principle can be used to open a locked door in an emergency with a credit card. Slide it under the hatch in the area of the lock. The card will push on the “tongue” and the door will open.

Method 4 – disassembly of the washing machine

To get to the lock, you must remove the top cover of the washing machine. Note that on some models you must first remove the back cover.

If you look from above, the jammed lock will be visible. It is possible to reach it by hand. Then you will need to press the locking tab, and the washing machine will open.

Please note! When the machine does not open after washing, do not forcefully pull the door. The handle can break, and the repair will cost an order of magnitude more.

How to open the washing machine if the door handle is broken

Handle breakage is not always falling off. More often, when its mechanism is mechanically damaged, users notice that the handle is dangling and/or is unusually easy to press. But at the same time, the hatch will not open. If your washing machine has a broken handle, you can force open the door using the second, third or fourth method described above.

How to open the washing machine if the door handle is broken

How to unlock the door if the washing machine is stuck with water on the wash and won’t open

If the machine has stopped with water and does not wash, the cause is most likely a problem with the drain. Not being able to open the door in this case is a protection against flooding, and you must first drain the water. After draining the water, follow the methods described above in this article to open the door of the machine.

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